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Sample South Carolina Auction License

South Carolina Auction License

To obtain a South Carolina auction license, you have to complete and submit the application. Also, obtain a surety bond, and pay all costs. But, for that, you must be at least eighteen years old.

Here is all the necessary information you need. Also, you can get additional information by looking through another article on South Carolina Business License.


There are Motor Vehicle, Motor Vehicle Wholesaler, and Motorcycle Dealer ones. The first one is for retail or wholesale trades of automobiles. The second one is only for selling automobiles to certified car dealers and other qualified distributors. And the third one is for retail or wholesale motorbike sales.

Also, Travel Trailer/Camper and Motor Vehicle Wholesale ones are available.

Primary requirements

  1. Necessary course (only for non-franchise car traders): You have to finish an authorized 8-hour course, but do not intend to be an official franchisee. CIADA ($375) and CDT ($325) are the only two suppliers authorized to offer the course.
  2. Obtain a long-term business address: The following are prerequisites for your company location:
  • A building that is permanently enclosed
  • A minimum of 96 square feet of office space
  • A sign with letters that are at least six inches tall (they don’t require it for wholesalers)
  • Enough room to exhibit a good number of automobiles

Get Liability Insurance Proof

You should get and maintain garage liability insurance to purchase seller plates from the SCDMV.  There should be proof of insurance in your application.

Retail Certificate Submission

Before making any sales, anybody who desires to start a business has to first get a retail certificate. You can get it from the SC Department of Revenue (DOR). You also ought to receive a sales tax number for the application.

Report on Criminal History

Each business owner who owns 10% or more of the company ought to present a SLED criminal history record (obtained from the SC Law Enforcement Division). That record can not be older than 90 days. Anyone convicted of acquiring or transferring a motor machine title, tampering with car identifying numbers or markings, or disconnecting or modifying a vehicle odometer, may have their license revoked.

Eligibility Affidavit

To apply, you should be legally present in the United States. To this end, you need to complete the Affidavit of Eligibility (AD-020-A).

Pass the Inspection of Your Business Location

The DMV will call you when the Dealer Licensing and Audit Unit review your application. Then, they will ask you to schedule an inspection of your place of business. Also, the DMV agent will check your address, signature, and records.

The Bond

An SC car dealer bond is only a small portion of the entire bond amount. They determine the cost of a bond by your financial strength, This can be, for example, the personal credit. To get a certification, you need to acquire an affiliation. At the time of submission, the affiliation has to be in effect.

Required affiliation amount:

  • Car trader: $30,000
  • Motorcycle trader: $15,000

The Application

Please send your completed request to:

Department of Motor Vehicles of South Carolina
Unit of Dealer Licensing and Audit
1498 Post Office Box
29016-0023 Blythewood, SC


  • $300 for a two-year registration
  • $100 Recovery Fund
  • $25 examination payment
  • $10 for a credit report
  • Dealer Plates: $20.00 each

Do I Need a South Carolina Auction License to Hold Online or Charity Auctions?

If you undertake any type of online sales in this state, you need to have a legal certificate. Also, if your company isn’t a single proprietorship, you must have a valid firm certificate. However, if you want to organize a charity sale you do not need one. But, this is only, if you do not earn any pay and you donate all products to charity.

Is a Qualified Trader Required to Operate an Auction Firm?

A qualified trader can hold or manage the trading company. Also, an individual who has passed a written test certified by the Commission but is not a professional has the right to hold the company. But, if the owner or qualifying party is not a professional it must be handled by a qualified person.

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