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Sample South Carolina Barber License

South Carolina Barber License

This article can help you a lot if you have decided to work in this field. Indeed, it will come in handy because there are special rules and regulations designed by the corresponding facility.

By the way, the facility that regulates different procedures on the subject is the Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation of SC. The Board of Barber Examiners in its turn executes the examination.

What do you need for South Carolina Barber License?

There are some phrases you are to go through. The first is the one relating to the education process. More precisely, you are to have 1,500 hours of training in a special school. You can also have 1,900 hours, which is 12 months of training under the control of a registered hairdresser.

After completing your hours, you are to go through the second phase. Take an exam on the theory and practical portions for becoming a registered hairdresser.

Remember that you have to be at least 17 years old if you want to receive a certificate. You must also have a document that proves the fact that you have at least ninth grade of education. An example of a document may be a transcript.

The final step that gets you closer to what you want, is skin test-taking. It has to be a Tuberculin Skin Test. More exactly, you need 5TU-PPD test results.

Examination Fees

The examination is based on two portions. The first is the theoretical portion, which costs $110. If you are to retake the exam, you are to spend $65. For the practical, you pay $100. You are supposed to pay $55 if you retake it.

If you take both together, it will cost you $165. The retake for this one is $120.

Haircare Specialists

In SC, beauticians are given the opportunity to obtain a certificate as haircare specialists. That gives them the ability to use chemicals to curl, relax, straighten, or bleach hair in addition to being a registered hairdresser.

The requirements for this coincide with that depicted above. You must have a document proving 24 months of working in the field. The next is the practical part, which is $100.

Transfer or Reciprocity for South Carolina Barber License

You might wonder whether it is possible to acquire a permit here if you already have another one from another state. Well, the answer is that if you meet the requirements, you are able to apply for reciprocity. In this case, you do not have an apprentice.

The requirements are almost the same as in the case of the initial process. First of all, you are to attach a record attesting that you are authorized to work. Secondly, you have to provide notarized statements proving your full-time practice for at least 12 months.

You must have a paper on you being 17 years old and a document showing you have at least ninth grade of education. The last paperwork needed is the 5TU-PPD test.

Renewal South Carolina Barber License

The certificate usually expires on the 30th of June every year. You had better submit a renewal application before this date. If you fail to do this in time, you must wait for another three years to renew it.

The process is $80. The reinstatement is $105. For the renewal of the Master Hair Care, you are to spend $100. As for the Master Hair Care Reinstatement, it will cost you $125.

Additional data

Sometimes violations happen. This is why they may ask you to provide a criminal report from SLED. In this case, you should contact SLED, the State Law Enforcement Division, and ask for your criminal report.

Suppose offenses happen outside of the state. For this, you contact the local agency for the report. Contact them by calling (803) 737-9000.

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