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Sample South Carolina Plumbing License

South Carolina Plumbing License

Plumbers and pipefitters are in high demand in the United States, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Between 2020 and 2030, employment in this field is expected to increase by 5%. According to the Bureau, there are 469,900 people in this profession in the US. 5,300 of them work in SC. Also, before applying for the specific permit, it’s recommended to check out the Contractor License in general.

The Requirements

You don’t need the certificate immediately. You need official permission from the Licensing Board to work in this field. However, when being a specialist’s assistant, you do not require official permission. Yet, you can just work for someone who is qualified.

Piping licensures are given by two distinct agencies on a statewide basis. The Contractors Licensing Board qualifies commercial pipefitters. And the second is the Housing Builders Commission. It certifies residential ones, which are both overseen by the DLLR.

The Municipal Association also offers certificates, although these are not needed by law and do not meet the statewide requirement. Rather, they show employers that they are competent.

South Carolina Plumbing License Types

There are two available types in this state; Mechanical and Residential Specialty Contractor.

The first is necessary if you conduct commercial construction exceeding $5,000. To be eligible, you have to take a technical and a Business Management and Law test. Also, you should have 2 years of experience within the previous five yrs.

The second is for home installations and repairs costing more than $200.  It gives the Housing Builders Commission. To be eligible, you must also take a technical test. As well as, you should pass the Housing Business Management and Law exam. Besides, you have to have 1 year of experience.

A Home Specialty Plumber is an independent specialist who is not a registered house builder. However, he does plumbing installs or repairs worth more than $200 for certified residential or general plumbers, or property owners.

Steps you should take

Here, there is no minimum age for qualification. There is no requirement for a high school diploma or GED. Yet, you should submit a kind of proof if you want to pursue a secondary degree. Experience or classroom instruction are the first steps on your path.

First of all, complete the training course

Earn a certificate through a community or technical school program, or enroll in an apprenticeship program to gain job experience. Then obtain licensure.

Secondly, take an exam for South Carolina Plumbing License

Pass a trade test as well as a Business Management and Law exam to get any of these licensures.

Gain experience

Alternatively, you are able to work with a certified contractor and obtain a Journeyman or Master licensure from the Municipal Association. You must also pass a trade test to obtain one of those.

Without a state-issued qualification, you can’t operate independently on commercial or residential projects worth more than $5,000 or $200.

Finally, make the necessary payments and submit a surety bond

Submit a financial statement or a surety bond for one of the state-level licensures. After, make sure you make all the applicable payments. You have to attach the payment cheques to your application.

Note: The Secretary of State requires corporate entities, charity corporations, both limited liability companies, and partnerships. And also, demands limited liability partnerships to register. The registration of sole proprietors and general partnerships is not necessary.

South Carolina Plumbing License Costs

You should anticipate paying $4,000 to $5,000 each year for in-state tuition if you start with a technical or school program. Apprenticeships are far less expensive. Your employer may cover the cost as long as it keeps a B average or above and is paid from the first day on the job.

The application price for certification via the Municipal Association of SC is $25. The exam is $100 through Prov. You can renew a journeyman certification for $20 every two years, while you have to renew the master one for $50 every two years.

The pricing schedule for General and Mechanical Contractors Licensing varies depending on when you apply. So, it ranges from $175 to $350.

Salary Information

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual mean salary for a plumber is $47,150. In SC, an apprentice specialist earns $19.75 per hour and $5,500 annually. Meanwhile, a journeyman specialist earns $26.72 per hour and $6,750.

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